InvestCRE Magazine Issue 2

May 23rd, 2017 InvestCRE Magazine No Comment yet

As the snow melts and as green shoots emerge, we feel a renewed sense of direction—of new beginnings. Here at Koble, we have built our lives around new beginnings, whether it is our clients parting ways with their commercial properties to invest in something new, or those who have just invested in something new to build a brighter future.

It is with this theme that we present this quarter’s issue of InvestCRE Magazine. However, in this issue, we not only discuss the business side of new beginnings, but we also focus on the educational aspect. As well, to add to this issue, we look at the more personal, human element as it relates to health and longevity.

Far too often, we concentrate on the right here, right now, of business—momentum that can blind us to our own wellbeing. In fact, we know we are guilty of this. A fast-paced life leading to fast-paced food, leading to little time to take care of the engine that continually drives us forward.

Therefore, we encourage everyone to sit back, take a moment, and relax. Perhaps even recalibrate and embrace the fact that personal health and wellbeing will lead to better business decisions, better investments, and, ultimately, more success—for you and for those closest to you.

So, with new beginnings and spring in the air, we hope you enjoy this latest issue.

Marc Morin

Graeme Webster