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Advanced Business Interiors – Proudly Advancing into a Bright Future

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From Company Expansion to Real Estate Management, ABI is poised for Continued Success

In today’s business world, the concept of long-term success is a status held by only the foremost of companies. For many that achieve twenty-five years of ongoing success as a privately held business, this would translate to either slowing down or considering retirement. However, this is not the case for ABI (Advanced Business Interiors)—a company that continues to dominate the office interior marketplace. (more…)

Graeme Webster of Koble Commercial Real Estate & Brokerage 
Awarded Ottawa’s Top Forty Under 40 2016

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Ottawa, Ontario  — April 27, 2016 —  Koble, Ottawa’s premier Commercial Real Estate & Brokerage, is proud to announce that company founder and partner Graeme Webster has been awarded the prestigious Forty Under 40 for 2016. Presented by the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce and the Ottawa Business Journal, the Forty Under 40 award recognizes accomplished and rising business leaders under the age of 40 in the National Capital Region.

Now in its twenty-second edition, the Forty Under 40 award has become the symbol of leadership, innovation, business acumen and community involvement in Ottawa, all of which enhances and validates current and future business leaders.

It is within this criteria that Graeme—co-founder of Koble Commercial Real Estate & Brokerage—was selected for this year’s top Forty in Ottawa. Graeme has spent his career following his passion for all aspects of the real estate industry—building new relationships within his network and with clients. (more…)

Launching Koble’s New Brand

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We have made some dramatic changes at Koble Commercial Real Estate and Brokerage. For most companies, change is not always easy—especially defining complex processes and in-depth services. Even so, we have changed the face of our brand and, more importantly, we have changed the way in which we communicate to the outside world. We made these changes an enjoyable task, an event to be celebrated as an opportunity to bring to the fore our focus on our clients’ success and satisfaction. Not only that, but also an opportunity to continually exceed the needs of our clients and partners. (more…)