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The 5 Types of Commercial Real Estate Crowdfunding

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By Erik Dolan-Del Vecchio | November 17, 2016
Commercial real estate crowdfunding platforms promise to democratize real estate investing, but before diving in it’s important to know the basics. There are tons of crowdfunding platforms online, but not all of them are necessarily good places to put your money. From direct equity sponsored investments to auto-investing in debt, we’ll cover the five different types of commercial real estate crowdfunding platforms and then explain what the trend as a whole means for developers.


Commercial Real Estate Crowdfunding Explained

Traditionally-huge barriers to entry have kept real estate investments accessible only to high net worth individuals — until now. Today, individuals can throw as little as $1,000 into real estate investments through certain types of crowdfunding, going a huge way towards opening the sector to more investors. Simply put,crowdfunding opens real estate investment beyond the traditional circle of owners, developers, and lenders to include anyone and everyone who is interested and want to pony up the cash.


3 Omnichannel Best Practices The CRE Industry Should Adopt

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OmniChannel CRE



Omnichannel has become an integral strategy for pretty much all retailers today. But the multi-channel approach is starting to make its way into other, adjacent industries. Like commercial real estate.

Some smart retail owners and operators have been watching how their tenants use omnichannel strategies — and are trying to incorporate the same things into their properties. One of those companies is Pine Tree, LLC.

“We’re not in the business of selling goods, so we’re not focused on omnichannel in the traditional sense.” said Graham Grochocinski, Senior Vice President of Omnichannel Marketing at Pine Tree. “But there is a lot we can learn from the approach and incorporate those experiences into our shopping centers.” (more…)

Ways to Manage Commercial Operating Expenses

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Ways to Manage Commercial Operating Expenses

By Don Catalano

For any business, finding ways to decrease costs and eliminating unnecessary expenditures is important for improving the overall bottom line. Companies that own their own buildings or have triple net leases can exercise control over operating costs to reduce expenses and increase profitability. Following these tips can help you better manage operating costs: (more…)

7 Apps Every Commercial Real Estate Broker Needs.

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There’s no question that commercial real estate is becoming an increasingly mobile industry – brokers are constantly on the move and they need to run their leasing business from their phone. Here’s a list of go-to apps for commercial real estate brokers.

FlooredApps - CRE

If you’re a real estate professional and haven’t checked out Floored, you are seriously missing out. One of the hardest parts about marketing an under-construction building is selling the space’s potential. Floored creates 3D renderings of any space that allow prospects to visualize the space they need. Maybe you have an unfinished building and your client wants to see what it would look like as a finished office. Or maybe you have a space that is finished and furnished and they want to see it as a blank slate. Floored can do it all. (more…)

3 Reasons Why Smart Owners are Investing in Smart Buildings

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In today’s connected world, everything from watches to refrigerators is smart and getting smarter. Real estate is no exception.

Talk of so-called “smart” buildings first emerged in commercial real estate more than a decade ago. These buildings are known for their state-of-the-art systems that are integrated into motion-controlled light sensors, security key card access, fire safety, and more. Today, it is clear that such smart buildings are becoming more prevalent, as more capital flows into the technology.

What is considered smart?

Smart buildings are somewhat loosely defined. Think of the differences that exist between an iPhone 4 and iPhone 6s. Both are technically smart phones, but each version gets a little better, faster, smarter. The same is true with smart buildings. There is a wide range of capabilities supported by innovative technologies that are constantly evolving. (more…)

What Are The Differences Between Warehouse Space And Industrial Space?

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When you put the term ‘warehouse space’ side by side with the term ‘industrial space’, you will usually presume that there is no difference between the two. Well, you are not the only person who thinks that. The truth is that many are confused when it comes to distinguishing between the two. There is actually a difference between these two terms. Let us look closely into those dissimilarities. (more…)

Using Your CRM Platform and Other Technologies to Attract Millennial Talent

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If you haven’t read at least one piece this month on how the millennial generation is influencing society, you’re the exception. It seems that everywhere we see the effects of this group’s preferences and priorities being played out. Their numbers in the U.S. exceed baby boomers by more than 10 million, and they are the dominant demographic in today’s workforce.

With their energy and technological expertise, millennials are also in demand in all types of businesses, including CRE. Attracting them is an important concern for brokerage firms, and understanding what makes them tick can help in creating the work environment and company culture that will bring them in and make them want to stay. (more…)

7 Ways Corporate Tenants Can Cut Costs

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By Don Catalano

May 25, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Many companies sign commercial leases during peak periods only to find that it becomes difficult to keep up with rental costs when business slows down. When you’re locked into a lease, you can’t simply move to look for a place with a lower cost per square foot whenever you choose, but there are still ways that you can reduce costs.

Here are seven methods of cost reduction that corporate tenants can take advantage of:


The 6 Types of Commercial Real Estate Properties

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The first step of any successful CRE career is learning about the types of sectors that make up commercial real estate, which is defined as properties that have the potential to generate profit through capital gain or rental income. While you may know the basics, each sector comprises different types of properties.