About Koble Commercial Real Estate & Brokerage

At Koble Commercial Real Estate & Brokerage, we believe that forging long-lasting relationships is paramount—it is what defines our business, our processes, and ultimately your success. We focus on your goals, and with a thorough understanding of current market conditions we work closely with you throughout the property ownership lifecycle. 

Whether you are a real estate investment company, a private investor, or a business owner, we have the knowledge, expertise, and history within Canada’s Capital Region to ensure you achieve your goals and realize the maximum return on your investment.

Within the Commercial Real Estate sector, we provide Listing, Acquisition, and Advisory Services backed by a strategy and predictive process that deliver market-leading sales value. Our clients receive unrivaled access to deals, off-market properties, capital, the top active commercial lenders, and preferred service providers. Our tailored marketing process is based on your property and its market position, while our segmented roster of active potential buyers and our experience enable us to fully qualify prospects and minimize any re-trade or risk to close.

More importantly, we represent you from start to finish, from initial advice on location and asset selection, to opportunity sourcing and due diligence. Our experience in commercial real estate gives you an expert perspective on property utilization and on maintaining strong cashflow, while helping you achieve long-term capital growth. We make recommendations with an exit strategy in mind, so you are never caught unaware as markets change.

With a strict focus on working in the best interests of our clients, we insist on full transparency and disclosure throughout every engagement. We employ traditional real estate channels and invest in leading-edge technology-based marketing strategies in every aspect of service delivery.

After 10 years each in the industry, the company’s two founders launched Koble Commercial Real Estate & Brokerage in 2014. The company is headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.