For Family Investors

For Family Investors

The road to real estate investment is always paved with good intentions; however, the unforeseen bumps in the road can ruin the journey. Calculating unforeseen circumstances such as taxes and other ownership costs and how they impact your family’s return on investment, could be one of those unanticipated occurrences.

To ensure all aspects of your family’s investment are captured early on, you require a team of professionals who will build a plan to help you make the best and most profitable decisions. Through our referral network, we can connect you and your family with professionals who specialize in all facets of commercial real estate: accountants, appraisers, engineers, lawyers, lenders and property managers. Building a network of advisors will ensure financial planning that achieves the desired return on investment.

When looking to acquire real estate, we represent you from start to finish: from advice on location and asset selection, to opportunity sourcing and due diligence. We can give you unparalleled access to deals and to “off-market” properties, as well as access to top active commercial lenders and preferred service providers. When we contemplate a sale, we focus first on developing a thorough property valuation. Our listing process targets specific buyer profiles, leading to unmatched exposure and bringing the highest and best offers to the table.

Furthermore, family dynamics can sometimes be tricky and challenges can be compounded when making decisions regarding the substantial values that commercial properties carry. As a result, to ensure transparency in the reporting used for decision making, we infuse greater disclosure, clarity and predictability into our processes, providing all stakeholders with equal access to key information.

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