Commercial Real Estate Acquisition Services

Commercial Real Estate Acquisition Services

Finding and buying the right property is never easy. Though real estate is historically a sound investment and always part of any wealth formula, you need to sort through and understand current market conditions and variables to make the right decisions and to achieve your investment objectives.

Selecting a property, knowing its history and understanding its condition, as well as comprehending neighborhood idiosyncrasies, competing properties and associated market expectations, can be a huge challenge. We analyze all these factors and more to ensure you make a wise investment.

Unparalleled access to deals

You receive unparalleled access to real estate investment opportunities as Koble is one of the few commercial brokerages in Ottawa that are registered as members of the Ottawa Real Estate Board.

As a result, we can provide you with immediate access to the most prevalent real estate marketing platform in Ontario through the MLS. In addition, at the start of each month, we scour the listings sent out by commercial brokerages and immediately send you any matching candidates.

Access to “off-market” properties

We are active in the marketplace and can offer real-time market data. As a result of our tenure in the business and our network, our clients have access to “off-market” properties that are not publicly marketed for sale. In these instances, acting quickly is the only way to ensure success: our nine-step Acquisition Process ensures that you are ready to act immediately.

White glove due-diligence management

The most critical time in the entire process is the 30 to 45 days it takes for buyers to complete due diligence. It’s make or break: you either proceed or terminate the transaction. Our comprehensive Buyer Process ensures you don’t make costly mistakes in your analysis and due diligence—before buying the property.

Access to capital

If you require additional capital, either equity or debt, you’ll have access to our referral network and other investor clients, many of whom would consider partnering or lending. We can also introduce you to investment companies that can help raise the capital. Whether you’re looking for a group of investors, or a group of individuals wanting to pool their funds, we can make the right connections to help you find and raise the required capital and to complete your transaction.

Access to preferred service providers

For the expertise and insight you require, we can introduce you to preferred service providers and our network of professionals who specialize in all facets of commercial real estate: lawyers, accountants, appraisers, engineers, lenders, contractors and property managers.

Access to the top active commercial lenders

Beyond your existing relationships, we can provide access to the top active commercial lenders, who will qualify the type of investment you can make and ensure that the rates and terms are the best available. Interest in commercial real estate lending can change quickly from institution to institution, so we constantly survey the market to determine the most aggressive groups for your business.

The foundation of our Acquisition Services lies in our comprehensive nine-step Acquisition Process. It enables us to respond to your specific situation and requirements, while delivering transparency and full disclosure throughout.

We represent our clients from start to finish: from advice on location and asset selection, to opportunity sourcing and due diligence. Our knowledge and experience in commercial real estate will give you an expert perspective on property utilization, while helping you achieve long-term capital growth.