Commercial Real Estate Advisory Services

Commercial Real Estate Advisory Services

Regardless of your real estate requirements, you need to create a team of advisors who will take care of your best interests and help you build a solid real estate investment portfolio.

The challenge of finding the right partner

The challenge is how to select the right partners who will advise you according to your specific needs. You may be looking for guidance on a transaction, a sell versus hold evaluation, a competitive analysis in a certain market, or a marketing strategy that addresses vacancy issues. Perhaps you need a second opinion on legal or accounting matters, or additional quotes for a construction project. You may even be considering a new debt strategy: renewing an upcoming mortgage or looking for other alternatives.

For many, it can take months, if not years, to find the right people—those who fit your professional expectations and who you personally trust.

The solution to finding the right partner

We work with you throughout the lifecycle of ownership, focusing on enhancing value, preserving equity, and ensuring that the asset maintains the highest level of liquidity in any given market.

We have spent years building a highly specialized team of partners—professionals in all related fields to ensure every aspect of operational efficiency is addressed seamlessly and expeditiously. Whether you require financing, specialized tax advice, a legal opinion, we can connect you. Further, we can recommend and coordinate design services, construction, property management, lending partners, and BOMA measurements.

Our Advisory Services include:

  • Annual market valuation and analysis of current market conditions
  • Proactive tenant engagement to maintain high occupancy rates and consistent cash flow
  • Debt review and evaluation
  • Buy, sell, refinance analysis and recommendations
  • Capex investment analysis and recommendations – which upgrades carry the best returns
  • Competitive analysis and building positioning
  • Lease abstracts
  • Targeted marketing and leasing programs
  • White-labeled marketing services

Our goal is to create long-lasting relationships built on attention, reliability and performance—ensuring that every interaction, every real estate deal and property decision is in your best interests.