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Our team at Koble is united by one purpose — guiding you to your summit. We achieve our legacy by helping you achieve your legacy.

Our people are smart, humble, and hungry. We are experts in our field. We’re always looking to innovate and learn. We’re driven by a passion to deliver life-changing opportunities and solutions to our clients. We are relentless in our search for the type of deal that transforms the financial future of a client’s grandchildren’s children.

Our culture is open and collaborative. We encourage outside-the-box thinking and thrive on teamwork. We value authenticity from ourselves and clients. It’s the best way to illuminate your personal path towards your summit.

Our team

Marc Morin Partner/Co-founder

Marc’s innate ability to connect with others and put himself in their shoes is how he has built such a vast network of trusting relationships. His current priority is growing and developing the Koble team and increasing our impact in the city. With his support, our team is reaching new levels of personal and professional success. His decades of experience in sales and commercial real estate have proven invaluable as he shifts his focus towards investing in people.

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Marc Morin
Graeme Webster Partner/Co-founder

Graeme’s passion for real estate and love for people are the foundation of his successful career in commercial real estate investment. His focus is always on client outcomes. He is relentless in his pursuit of the right real estate investment opportunity for each and every client. The majority of his deals involve unlisted properties or previously overlooked opportunities — deals that require hard work, dedication, and insight. He is determined, dedicated, and methodical in his approach, giving him the ability to illuminate potential value that others often overlook. That’s how he guides people to their summit.

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Graeme Webster
Sarah Vandenbelt Broker

Sarah is excited by helping business owners build wealth through real estate investment as she’s seen the generational impact in her own family. Her success is driven by her commitment to building personal relationships with her clients. Each business situation is unique, and her genuine care gives her the insight she needs to find the best solution for each individual client. Her persistence, positive attitude, and unique perspective allows her to provide business owners considering buying instead of leasing with clarity, confidence, and peace of mind as she journeys with them towards their summit.

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Sarah Vandenbelt
Jessica Thalen Investment Sales – Analyst & Transactions Manager

Jessica creates clarity by studying and analyzing every investment deal that we review with our clients. Her detailed approach and perceptive mind give her the ability to find hidden variables and valuable insights. She is adept at synthesizing massive amounts of data into short summaries that capture the insights that truly matter to our clients. Before proceeding with any transaction, it’s important that Jessica has performed her due diligence to identify and mitigate any risks. Her only focus is on making sure every step of our process proceeds according to plan.

Are you a service provider or an active client curious about where we are in due diligence?
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Jessica Thalen
Sharla Fanous Operations Manager

Sharla’s calm nature, passion for organization, and attention to detail help create order and eliminate chaos. Supporting the team from start to finish, she ensures our process is transparent and everything we do is compliant with all rules and regulations. She is constantly using her unique perspective to find ways to refine and streamline our processes. Her proactive approach and analytical mind let her anticipate issues before they arise — she’s a problem preventer. Sharla makes sure our process is smooth and seamless, so our clients can focus on reaching their summit.

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Sharla Fanous
Andrew Eberhard Investment Team

Andrew’s diverse experience in a variety of disciplines gives him a unique perspective on investment real estate. He leverages this knowledge to ensure Koble’s investment clients meet and exceed their goals over the course of their ownership journey. His analytical mind and critical thinking skills enable him to develop long term strategic plans that give our clients the peace of mind that comes from knowing their investments are being understood and managed in a way that aligns with their ultimate goals. He thrives on collaboration and connecting with clients to truly understand their objectives. It’s how he develops plans that lead people ever closer to their legacy.

Connect with Andrew. 613-237-0123 | andrew@koble.ca
Andrew Eberhard
Glory Omotayo Marketing/Listings Manager

Glory brings the perfect mix of creativity, positivity, and organization to her multifaceted role at Koble. She helps ensure that our listing process is smooth and efficient, while also overseeing our marketing and social media strategies. Her constant focus is on ensuring that Koble’s standard of excellence is always met and that everything we do is in line with our vision for the future. Glory thrives when finding unique and creative ways to solve problems and improve the overall client experience. She is passionate about being a part of something bigger than herself, and that’s what she’s found at Koble by guiding people towards their legacy.

Connect with Glory. 613-237-0123 | admin@koble.ca
Glory Omotayo

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